Sponsor a Crusade

Jesus purchased these souls with His blood. What will you sacrifice to harvest them?

Mobile Bible Schools

Prior to each crusade we hold a three week Mobile Bible School training program, which is organized and taught by our Africa Team. Each local church that desires to participate in the crusade must attend the Mobile Bible School. In addition to the pastor and church leadership, a sizeable percentage of the members must also go through the training. To effectively strengthen the local churches beyond simply preparing for the crusade, we teach a wide range of subjects from faith and healthy marriages to how to disciple new converts. Ultimately, the purpose is to empower the local church and guide them in effective post-crusade follow-up and discipleship of the new believers.

School of Ministry and Children’s Crusades

Several times a year, a School of Ministry is held in conjunction with a crusade. During these schools, we equip and instruct hundreds of leaders and pastors at a time. There are also children’s crusades held alongside every Africa crusade. Crowds up to 3000 children attend and many give their lives to Jesus.


Church growth and reduced crime rates continue to prevail in the aftermath of our crusades. Local authorities, including mayors and police in Zimbabwe and Zambia, look at Dynamis World Ministries as a positive social force within their communities.  


We currently hold ten crusades a year where we see multitudes of people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. Some are single crusades while others are double crusades, which are held back-to-back. Single crusades run from Tuesday to Sunday, and double crusades run from Tuesday through Sunday the first week and Wednesday through Sunday the second week. We continually see God confirm His Word with signs, wonders, and miracles. Each crusade culminates with the opportunity for people to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with Fire.


Crusade expenses include the following: advertising and publicity; travel costs, which covers Christopher’s travel to Africa, as well as transporting our trucks and equipment to the crusade venue; housing and provisions for Christopher and our Africa Team while they are on the field during the Mobile Bible School and crusade(s); and follow-up materials, including various books and the Gospel of John.


In recent years, we have seen over a million people come to Jesus through our crusades annually. Our budget per crusade is $22,000, and a double crusade, or back-to-back crusade, is $35,000. Our annual crusade expenses total around $200,000 for ten crusades. 

Sponsor a Crusade

Prayerfully consider making an investment with your business, or team up with your church, school, small group, or family to sponsor a crusade. Ask God to lead you and give you creative ideas to raise money to support the harvest of these precious souls!

Purchased by the Blood

We know that money can never purchase a soul. Souls are only purchased by the precious Blood of Jesus. However, God has planned that through the preaching of the Gospel, these souls that Jesus purchased with His Blood can be harvested for His Kingdom.