Christopher's Testimony

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Born in a Muslim family with Middle-Eastern origins, Christopher Alam received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1975. He was immediately confined in a mental asylum for his faith in Christ. Christopher responded quickly to the call of God and began to preach the Gospel. He was arrested several times and imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. After being threatened with execution, Christopher finally escaped to Sweden, where he was given political asylum, eventually becoming a Swedish subject. It was in Sweden that he met is wife, Britta, in the church that he attended. They were married in 1979.

Christopher first attended the Torchbearers Bible School in HolsbyBrunn, in Sweden, then, together with Britta, attended RHEMA Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Christopher also served with Operation Mobilization in the Benelux countries. He taught for several years as a full-time teacher at the Word of Life Training Center in Uppsala, Sweden, which was the largest Bible school in Europe at that time.


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Dynamis World Ministries started as a missions organization with Christopher Alam's preaching behind the Iron Curtain  long before the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. From there, it spread to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In 1993 the Alams and the ministry's headquarters moved from Sweden to Lancaster, PA. 

Christopher Alam has preached the Gospel in over 60 nations so far, and hundreds of churches have been started as a fruit of this ministry. The preaching of the Gospel is accompanied by signs, wonders, and miracles.


Dynamis World Ministries has full-time crusade teams at bases in Africa and Asia. These bases are located in Zimbabwe and a 'closed' country in Southeast Asia. In addition to this, there is a full-time team running the Training Center for church planters and pioneers in Southeast Asia.

  Read more about Christopher Alam's exciting testimony in his new book Out of Islam available now.

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